06 April 2008

What is archaeology?

Archaeology is everything about the past. Today we have different kinds of scientific disciplines about our life. For example, economy, sociology, architecture, engineering, philosophy. Archaeology does the same job with all these, but just a little difference: its the past.

Main research method for the archaeologist ist excavation. We have a lot of fun when we excavate, and also it's physically very hard to excavate. In these days, archaeologists haven't got adventures like Indiana Jones. But there is still more to enjoy. For me, I like to see different parts of my country and I have this change with archaeology. I live in a big citiy, and go to a little village every summer for my job. Probably the best part of archaeology is travelling.

If you have some more questions about archaeology, maybe English pages of my website can help you. Go to my profile and see the address.

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