06 April 2008

Apes became humans... Why did not some apes become human?

According to classification of animals first made by C. Lineaus, human is a member of primates team, hominid family. This classification is still in use in modern biology. All living animals are relatives. Because life was firs appeared and evolution made it diversified. Closest relatives of us are chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans. We are members of hominoid class.

The idea which says that apes became human buy evolution is just A LIE that creationists say. They say that because they want to make evolution misunderstanded by the public.

But NONE of the evolution theorists nor Darwin (he lived in 19 century!) have said this. They always say that we are relatives with all animals. Modern DNA research also proved that. 99,6% of our genes are same with chempanzees, 96% of our genes are same with mice. This proves that we all have same ancestors.

THAT ALSO MEANS THAT NONE OF THE APES, BECAME HUMAN BY THE TIME. Our ancestors are not apes, but we have the same ancestor nearly 7-8 million years ago. Probably we had a common ancestor with mice some 20-25 million years ago, and with the cow or dog (or any other mamalian) some 40-50 milion years ago.

Any little child at the age of 5-9 can understand that we are looking like apes (or contrary). They are our cousins (ATTN: My cousin can NOT be my father).

Evolutionists NEVER said that. Only creationists say that kind of lies. Because they are afraid of science, light, truth...

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