06 April 2008

Did god give us the ability to adapt and change? How do you explain the fossiles of Homo sapiens?

If you want to talk about fossils, or something related with SCIENCE, you should first be OBJECTIVE. That's why, many scientists leave their beliefs just in front of the door of their laboratory.

God, is not a subject of science. Because we cannot prove its existence (at the moment). So we cannot ask a "scientific" question which has "God" in it.

At the moment human evolition is proved with many evidences. There are many human ancestors like Kenyantropous platyops, Sahelanthropous tchadensis, Australopithecus robustus + afarensis + africanus, Homo habilis + erectus + ergaster + neanderthalensis etc.

I am an archaeologist. I excavate one milion year old site in Anatolia (Turkey). The first stone tools are made by a different human species, it's very clear.

As far as, I know all life in the world evolved. For the moment I can just say that. For the God, keep in mind it's not a subject of science "yet".

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