22 April 2008

Kaletepe Deresi 3 and Obsidian Source

"Kaletepe Deresi 3" is an open air Paleolithic site located in the volcanic region of Central Anatolia. The activity of this geological complex generated an important intrusion of obsidian largely used during the prehistoric period for tool making. The site is located a few kilometers on the eastern slopes of Gollu Dag volcano in the proximity of the Komurcu obsidian intrusions which represent one of the most important obsidian sources in the Near East with outcrops continuing for more than 3 km.

Discovered in summer 2000 during an archaeological survey, Kaletepe Deresi 3 is an in situ open air Paleolithic site, yielding 17 archaeological occupations from middle to upper Pleistocene. The data allow the examination of long-term human comportements and illustrate the first discovery of an Acheulean complex in Turkey. The multidisciplinary researches are also integrated to the tephrochronological and paleontological context.

Kaletepe Deresi 3 is the first Paleolithic sequence of Central Anatolia and its oldest archaeological layers illustrate one of the oldest human settlements actually known in Turkey.

This summary was originally published in:
Slimak, L., N. Balkan-Atlı, D. Binder, B. Dinçer,
2005, "Installations paleolithiques en Cappadoce", Anatolia Antiqua XIII: 287-294.

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