25 February 2009

The Paleolithic of Turkish Thrace: PART 6- Balıtepe

This is a part from "The Paleolithic of Turkish Thrace: Synthesis and Recent Results".

Balıtepe lies in the village of Çavuşköy, nearly 6 kilometers east of Malkara and nearly 50 kilometres west of Tekirdağ. The site is located about 450 meters east-southeast of the village and nearly 150 meters south of the modern Tekirdağ-Malkara motorway. The GPS coordinates of Balıtepe are 40.52N and 26.58E, and the site is situated at about 200 meters asl.

The artifacts from Balıtepe are manufactured primarily on quartzites. Manufacture was mainly directed at chopper production. It is particularly interesting to note that most of the quartzites employed at Balıtepe are morphologically and mineralogically similar to the quartzites of Yatak. Nonetheless we did not find any indication of chopping tools in any site other than Yatak. Like Yatak however, bipolar (hammer-on-anvil) debitage on quartz pebbles is present at Balıtepe. In fact, one of the choppers has a truncation by bipolar percussion opposed to the chopper-edge.

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